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SMART CITY STRATEGY¬†One of the high priority objectives for the city of Milan is to improve city services and sustainability implementing an effective Smart City strategy in order to be […]


SMART CITY STRATEGY¬†The smart and digital city strategy and policies date back to 2004, when the Municipality of Porto (MP) created the Porto Digital Association (PD), a private non-profit association, […]


Challenges addressed Environment & Wellbeing theme:¬†Reducing Air and Noise Pollution In order to deal with increasing populations and enable sustained¬†economic growth, changes to urban transport infrastructure and new housing developments […]

Autonomous Hub for Cyclist

Challenges addressed Sustainable mobility: Encouraging more non-motorized transport In city centers, storing bikes safely is often complex. There are many potential bike users who do not use it because of […]

Atomic Service

Atomic Service are used to build application services¬†that can be easily replicated in different cities and reach large scale. They are functional blocks that do only one thing, but are […]


SMART CITY STRATEGY SeongNam is the best city in South Korea. First, SeongNam is considered as the Silicon Valley of Korea. We have 62 thousands‚Äô corporations, while the city population […]

See.Sense Smart Cycling

Challenges addressed Sustainable Mobility:¬†Encouraging use of active (non-motorised) travel. >See.Sense and BT will deliver an innovative smart cycling project providing Dublin, Manchester and Antwerp with new, crowdsourced mobility insights into […]


SMART CITY STRATEGY In recent years, the city of Santander has moved into the vanguard of smart cities, improving public services and developing policies oriented towards its citizens and stimulating […]

The first marketplace for IoT data

Within the SynchroniCity Internet of Things Large-Scale Pilot (IoT LSP), the participating partners are working on exciting innovative solutions. One of these solutions is the SynchroniCity¬†IoT Data Marketplace. At the¬†ICT […]