Autonomous Hub for Cyclist

Challenges addressed

Sustainable mobility: Encouraging more non-motorized transport

In city centers, storing bikes safely is often complex. There are many potential bike users who do not use it because of the difficulty they have in keeping safely the bike at night or in their movements around the city. To solve this issue, we propose the “Autonomous Hub for Cyclist” App-based solution which objective is to develop a network of safe parking for residents and rotation, which facilitates mobility by private bicycle through the city:

    • Safe parking technologically intelligent, connected, safe and video-surveilled.
    • For 10  bike seats for both residents and rotations.
    • With photovoltaic panels, aero-generator,  and support of batteries.
    • Easy installation.
    • Connected with m2m to the cloud 3G/4G, and with sub-giga Lora.
  • Environmental sensors will be installed.
  • It will also incorporate Bike-InÂź electric charging points, to install one cargo bike to offer citizens.
  • Self-maintenance bikes.
  • Users will have the PVerde App (iOS and Android) to use the service.

This solution will help to validate the Synchronicity vision and the technical framework as we will use and provide data from/to Synchronicity platform in Santander, La NucĂ­a in a standard way, facilitating and ensuring the replicability and scalability of the solution in different Synchronicity-based cities.

Cities involved

Santander, La NucĂ­a


Intelligent Parking S.L.

La FactorĂ­a Bike-in S.L.

TuryBike Emotion S.L.