Challenges addressed

Environment & Wellbeing theme: Reducing Air and Noise Pollution

In order to deal with increasing populations and enable sustained economic growth, changes to urban transport infrastructure and new housing developments are unavoidable. However, these construction activities can adversely affect the quality of life across neighbourhoods. These adverse effects include increased noise and air pollution levels, deeply affecting citizen health, but also increasing stress and anxiety caused by travel disruptions. Other examples of conflicting interests between commercial organisations and citizens represent venues for public entertainment such as night clubs, pubs or live event spaces which can cause significant disruption to citizens living nearby.

SmartImpact will provide an IoT enabled service for the management of impact of urban development projects and public city activities by providing impartial evidence, real time feedback and engagement between involved stakeholders such as city authorities, construction firms, entertainment venue operators and affected citizens over a public dashboard (portal). The goal is to provide a view that goes beyond impact dashboards by allowing citizens to engage in a dialogue with impact stakeholders. The citizen feedback will directly feed into the impact metrics and provide a basis for managing impact and further dialogue.

Cities involved

Carouge, Santander, Novi Sad