Become a Pilot City

We welcome new cities to become part of SynchroniCity, which is based on the principles of the Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC) network.

You can get involved by applying in a Pilot Group for the Open Call and become a new pilot city. Cities from all over the world are welcome to apply but only cities from the EU and H2020 associated countries are eligible for funding.


  • It will be easier to adopt IoT enabled solutions and technology for the benefit of my city and citizens
  • I will be able to create a platform for future IoT developments in my city
  • I will acquire a better understanding of the IoT enabled solutions available in the market
  • I will be able to learn from other cities in the project and share best practices
  • The pilots in my city will help to amplify the visibility and credibility of my city in this space
  • I will be seen as a pioneer in helping create and sustain a global open and agile digital single market for IoT enabled solutions. This will help identify and develop new standards which will have a tremendous impact in Europe and beyond.


1. Identify your City Assets. . Cities should select which components of the existing city infrastructure, have to be connected with the SynchroniCity framework. It is necessary to identify which datasets should be exposed following the Synchronicity specifications: these datasets can include, for instance, IoT real-time data, historical data and open data.

2. Implement SynchroniCity API. It will be necessary to be compliant with the SynchroniCity API. The API can be implemented progressively, in different steps, depending on the technical infrastructure of your city. Security and the Context Management APIs are the basic ones. SynchroniCity project provides existing software components to simplify and speed up this phase.

3. Harmonise Data Models. In order to be part of the SynchroniCity ecosystem, all cities need to provide a common semantic level using the same data models. SynchroniCity defines and reuses a set of standard data models for different smart city domains. A new city should adapt its own data models to the SynchroniCity ones.

4. Be part of the SynchroniCity Marketplace. SynchroniCity has the aim of creating an IoT-enabled smart city digital single market. In order to achieve this objective SynchroniCity provides a common marketplace for IoT data and IoT products in which city data can be offered to different stakeholders through specific business models, with or without monetisation models.